Jan-Feb'12 ListEx
– managing twitter lists better
– Twitter API, python, OAuth
May-July'11 Intern @ Microsoft IDC
– a tool to aid testers
– .NET, C#, testing
Apr'11 MarkupFormat
– for that forever unorganized markup
– python, markup
Oct'10 - Mar'11 Socialis
– social networking for social responsibility
– web, ictd
Feb-Apr'10 SharePlay
– a two-player GUI LAN game using Java
– gaming, networks
Nov'09-Mar'10 Robocon'10
– entry in the international robotics contest
– robotics, interfacing, automation, ABU Robocon
Oct'09-Mar'10 Auctoritas
– taking the police, online
– web, e-governance
May'09 - Sept'09 A.R.M.E.D.
– Adaptive Real-time Mechanical Emulation Droid
– robotics, CAD, HCI
Mar '09 Line Follower
– an autonomous line following robot
– robotics, automation
Dec'08 Autoport2.0
– an autonomous functional dock
– robotics, design, construction
Jan'09 Nautilus
– prototype robot capable of under-water navigation
– robotics, submarine, surveillance
Jan'09 Pyro
– prototype fire-extinguisher in constrained space
– robotics, design