Who am I?


I'm currently working at Pricebaba, Mumbai. Previous experience includes working at the Microsoft HQ (Redmond), and internships at Pricebaba and Microsoft IDC.

Worked (to varying extents) on large-scale web services infrastructure, automation infrastructure, telemetry, monitoring and alerting, among other things. I developed a basic spelling correction engine in an internship while learning machine learning basics. Other than that, have worked on tiny projects involving embedded systems and robotics, web design, app development, python scripting, and other random experiments. I find playing around with data fascinating, and have a keen interest in intelligent systems - and would love to work on those. Very interested in software design/architecture.

Other than tech - I like arts (admiring all the aesthetic, fancy stuff), meeting people, travel, adventure sports and trying out new stuff. And have a particularly strong interest in subjects related to social evolution - religion, war, history, spirituality, justice/morality and philosophy about work and happiness and life.

And I totally love Calvin and Hobbes.




Email: bhumil@bhumilharia.com

Professional Background

Experience and Education

2015 April - Present


Job Description

2015 - Present: Senior Software Engineer
I currently power the online prices information section at Pricebaba. Co-developing (process, design, implementation) the end-to-end solution for Pricebaba Clear - Pricebaba's brand new service for helping consumers buy and sell their old phones better.

2012 October - 2014 November

Microsoft Corporation

Job Description

2014 - 2014: Software Engineer
Developer in the Experimentation and Telemetry Services team (Microsoft Office, Applications and Services Group).

2012 - 2014: Software Development Engineer in Test
SDET in the Office Experimentation, Telemetry and Services Infrastructure team (Microsoft Office, Applications and Services Group). Worked on testing/automation for various platform components for the Office (Azure-based) services infrastructure, deployment, automation and monitoring for experimentation services.

2012 July - 2012 August


Job Description

Software Developer - Intern
Developed a spell correction engine for accurate search results; module to analyze queries and provide more relevant, intelligent results. Used Natural Language Processing (NLP). Worked on PHP, CodeIgniter, python

2011 May - 2011 July

Microsoft IDC

Job Description

Software Development Engineer in Test
I worked in the Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) Team, specifically in the Server Backup division; designed and developed a tool to aid the test workflow.

2008 July - 2012 May

VJTI, Mumbai


B. Tech - Computer Science

Was involved with several student bodies. General Secretary of the college Society of Robotics and Automation. Chief co-ordinator of the college tech fest, one of the largest in Mumbai.